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Raffaello principe Arti

Palladio is a film project dedicated to Andrea Palladio, the architect who, with his work, has become one of the reference points for the most important power buildings in the world. It is a journey to discover Palladio’s ancient world and the modern legacy.

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Nel nome di Antea – Presskit in italiano

The long life of the genius of Italian Renaissance, his fascinating and varied artistic production, which left an everlasting sign in the history of universal art.

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SEGANTINI, BACK TO NATURE tells the unique and extraordinary story of Giovanni Segantini, focusing on his way of feeling nature as a source of artistic and spiritual inspiration.

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“AMAZING LEONARDO” is a fascinating tale out to discover the man, the artist, the scientist and the inventor: a novel and engaging experience, from a perspective far removed from the stereotypes.

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