“I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.”



Six films on Italian art


Raffaello, il principe delle arti

Sunday 31 May, 6.30 pm – 00.30 am


Previous Films :


Michelangelo Infinito, Sunday 26th April, Swiss Premiere

Segantini, Ritorno alla Natura, Sunday 3rd May

Io Leonardo, Sunday 10th May

Palladio, Sunday 17th May

Nel nome di Antea, Sunday 24th May, Swiss Premiere



Access to the movies

All films will be streamed on a dedicated platform and viewed from your home on desktop, tablet and phone. To sign up to receive the link, click here and follow the instructions.

Michelangelo infinito

Swiss Premiere

Sunday 26 April
18:30-00:30 pm (CET)

Ritorno alla natura

Sunday 3 May
18:30-00:30 pm (CET)

Io, Leonardo
(Amazing Leonardo)

Sunday 10 May
18:30-00:30 pm (CET)

Rennaisance Architect

Sunday 17 May
18:30-00:30 pm (CET)

Nel nome di Antea

Swiss Premiere

Sunday 24 May
18:30-00:30 pm (CET)

Raffaello, il Principe delle Arti


Sunday 31 May
18:30-00:30 pm (CET)